About Cadillac

GM’s Cadillac has long been known for its quality and workmanship that it has evolved into America’s symbol of excellent craftsmanship. Since 1903, Cadillac has produced thousands of luxury cars that are well-loved by their owners, from the Bay Area in California to the lakeshores of Illinois and Michigan ¬¨ from its original model that was sold at $750 to its present premium CTS. The Cadillac Motor Car Company was founded at the expense of Henry Ford’s second heartbreak venture into commercial car making. This happened in 1902 when representatives of Ford approached Henry Martyn Leland to appraise the value of the equipment and plant of Ford’s then floundering car manufacturing venture. Given Leland’s precision technology, which introduced interchangeable parts on a car model, Cadillac stood out in the competition by taming America’s then rugged roads using a single cylinder 10-hp engine. Word of the Cadillac’s road-worthiness spread like wildfire and the company soon became the world’s leading car manufacturer in terms of production output. Cadillac introduced its first ever upscale version in the Model D, a four-cylinder car sold at $2800, that introduced and established its ascendancy in the luxury car market. Since then, Cadillac has been known to introduce better and newer features in its succeeding models that further strengthened its grip in the high end car sales. Today, the Cadillac continues to be the symbol of “prestige, success and good taste.”¬†¬†Californians take exceptional pride in the description that “Cadillac and California were made for each other.” California makes an ideal market for the Cadillac, with visitors from across the United States and the world coming to see the sights and eventually ending up enjoying the place and deciding to settle down because of its enticing climate and other attractions. Today, the Cadillac continues to be the luxury vehicle of choice to many American men and women who enjoy being a member of the Bay Area Cadillac family.